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Sexing the Game in Kenya

With the ever swelling interest in Sports and lifestyle whilst no medium in place to fuse these in one package, we saw the need the fill this gap by coming up with this brashly confident and self-assured publication – blending Sports and Lifestyle

Time-Out magazine is funneled at active men and women who strive to go faster, further, and higher. The editorial span appeals to elite men and women in their prime 25-45yrs who want to live life to the fullest, from recent college grads to business executives.

Printed Bi Monthly, the outsized glossy feel gives emphasis to explosive action photography, hard-hitting editorial, insightful interviews and in-depth coverage of the personalities and products that represent the best of sports, informative thought-provoking articles on Lifestyle. And chock-full of the subjects Men and women love most: beautiful women, Rides, Fashion ,Trends and Latest gadgets.

Watch this space


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