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Publishers, your shares data is wrong (part one of two)


Social is the new SEO.

SEO is still a major traffic driver for publishers, but search is slowly losing its grip — constituting less than 50 percent of traffic sent to publishers — to an exploding number of social referrers. But, as publishers turn to social insights to optimize content and fuel site revenue, they run into a big problem. The data that they’re looking at to make these high and low-level decisions about social is inaccurate.

As the CEO of, a data and analytics platform provider for large-scale content sites, I’ve worked with teams from some of the biggest online publishers to resolve their data challenges. Social shares comprise a new data source that presents technical complexity specific to this market, and I have watched my company’s customers struggle with poor data leading to the wrong decisions.

Historically, publishers lamented over “fly-bys,” readers who discovered a site…

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